What did you just say about me?

What a funny experience!

Yesterday I went with my grandmother, my mother and my sister Devora to a cafe (a beautiful and delicious one – Rimon – in Mamilla, Jerusalem, btw). Devora saw the woman next to us tell her husband to turn around and look at Devora. Totally indiscretely he turned a full 180 degrees around and took a good look at her. He then turned back around and the woman started talking to him about, what seemed to be, her hair.

Devora was too curious to let it pass. Despite mine and my mother’s protests (“Can you please at least pretend you don’t know us?”) She went up to the woman as the couple was leaving and asked her what they were saying about her. The woman did not seem at all taken aback and she told Devora that she was showing her husband how Devora does her hair.

When Devora told me and my mother that she wanted to confront this woman, we were so embarrassed! What a crazy idea to confront someone like that! But neither Devora nor the woman made a big deal out of it and in the end Devora knew what they’d been talking about.

Kol hakavod (good for you) Devora. What a cool idea. Maybe we should all do this.


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  1. Thanks for your nice post about me. I always wonder what it is that makes us feel embarrassed in certain situations. When I feel embarrassed one day I will let you know (heh heh).

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