Sitting up front

My mom just told me that my dad’s mother who passed away a couple of years ago, never, ever was willing to sit in the front seat when driving with both of my parents. Why? She said that they are a couple and so they should sit together.

What do you think that shows? I think it’s beautiful. I think it shows respect, and this is to people younger than her. Of course she could have sat up front and no one would have thought twice. But she didn’t. And that is what made someone – my mother – think twice.

It gave my parents the experience of being respected and when my mom just told me this, she finished by saying, “I’m telling you this so that you’ll remember when you are a mother-in-law.”

It’s so true. Things like this really do hopefully get passed on. My mother now tries to do that and I will probably do the same.

It’s interesting she told me about this right after I wrote the blog post about calling names. Both of these things have to do with showing respect towards people: such an important thing!


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