How to repay someone for being mean

It’s sort of amusing, or sad, to see what some people are searching for online. On my blog I can see what key words people used to find my blog. There are normal ones like “deena levenstein” and then there are strange ones.

Today someone found my blog by typing in the words: “how to repay someone for being mean”.

I can just imagine how pissed this person is. I know it should make me sad but I actually find it pretty funny. “I am so angry at this person, I really want to find the perfect way to get them back. I know! I’ll google for the perfect revenge!”

And then maybe most amusing is that they come across my lovey-dovey blog. Hey, maybe something they found here helped them decide against revenge. Who knows.

Other key words of the day:
“to give respect”
“how to make repay someone for something”


4 thoughts on “How to repay someone for being mean

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    1. Thank you, Renia! It’s so nice to “hear” from you on my blog. I hope you enjoyed reading it and feel free to come back whenever you want. I try to write on it at least every few days or so. Deena

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