Unilateral cease fire is Israeli

Last night I heard on the midnight news that Israel has agreed to a unilateral cease fire regarding the situation in Gaza with Hamas.

Googe “unilateral cease fire” and you get 1,060,000 results. Google “unilateral cease fire -israel” and you get 356,000 results.

What my sister Miriam keeps saying really rings true to me (and a little of my own commentary is added, I hope you don’t mind, Mir). Unless we are 100% sure that we are just in our actions to protect ourselves, we are going to consider ourselves the bad guys and give into things like unilateral cease fires.

I wish someone could explain to me some logic behind a unilateral cease fire. It means we are sitting ducks. Let the enemy rain its forces on us. Logic, please!


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  1. Deena – It’s just like what your sister said.

    And we have terrible “leaders.”

    Aside from the oxymoron that is a “unilateral ceasefire” – we have much larger problems at hand.

    From the others side of the spectrum, I feel *horrible* about all of those children in Gaza. What did they ever do to deserve to die? I do understand Gaza is the most densely populated place on the globe, and that going in there means civilian deaths. But it’s not going to stop Hamas. I don’t think you can get rid of a terrorist organization so embedded within the people without carpet bombing, and that’s just wrong.

    The other end of the spectrum is diplomacy. The world tells us we’re supposed to negotiate with people who believe Jews are descended from pigs and monkeys. Riiiiight. ‘Nuff said.

    Soon we’ll be facing Iran/Hezbollah again. No way can they be allowed to have nukes. Maybe the way to achieve permanent calm is to go after Iran directly, rather than just after its proxies – they are the ones sponsoring and controlling most terrorism these days.

    I just don’t see this war (well, if this lame ceasefire wasn’t called) giving us more than temporary quiet – – for several months or years, but what happens when Hamas continues to advance technologically? What about all of the lives permanently lost in both Israel and Gaza for *temporary* quiet? Can we really just keep fighting wars every few years and expect to survive this way? I don’t know what the solution is to all of this. And now Israel just made us look weak and made us sitting ducks – We don’t even have *temporary* quiet! So what was the point….

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