I love El Al

First answer me, on what airline will you go into the kitchen after the sun has risen and find the “chiloni” (secular) young guy, with an earing, davening shacharit (saying the morning prayer)?!

But seriously, over the years I continue to hear negative feelings from people about the Israeli airline, El Al. And yet everytime I fly El Al I am so happy with it! I must say I think the air hosts and hostesses are some of the nicest, kindest, most helpful, and intelligent stuarts I have ever dealt with.

I enjoy the airline so much. Of course I am more at peace with the extra security, I really like the food (so kill me), I love that everything is kosher, and I just find it to be pleasant.

I do not know why it seems that even though they improved their service years ago, people continue having a negative perception about them.


3 thoughts on “I love El Al

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  1. I totally agree, when I get on an El Al plane I feel like I am at home and safe. And the food totally rocks. And I get to catch up with stranger Israelis that I have never met about our trips. I say our tribe just loves to complain about everything, and if so let them fly US Airways into the Hudson… What? Too soon?

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