Thoughts on the solidarity rally for Israel in Vancouver

Because I covered the solidarity rally for the Jewish Independent, I had the wonderful opportunity (hear sarcasm – only because of the time this took) to listen to all the speeches again. This allowed me to think in depth about what was said, or not said. A few things I’d like to note. Please tell me if I’m mistaken.

1. When the speakers spoke about what we can do to support Israel, I don’t think that one person mentioned visiting Israel! Giving money, talking to people, writing letters… Those were of course mentioned. How could visiting Israel not be mentioned? Was it on purpose, not to turn people off or was it just somehow forgotten? I would consider that visiting Israel (besides moving there) is possibly more important than any other form of support.

2. People talk about how the world definitely cares much more when Palestinians are killed by Israelis than when Israelis are killed by Palestinians but I think that an even more convincing fact is that it seems like people don’t actually care about innocent Arab civilians at all because when Arabs kill Arabs, it’s no big deal to the world. Why is that?

Alan Dershowitz writes amazingly about that here. Here’s a taste of what he writes:

“It isn’t the nature of the victims, since more Arabs and Muslim civilians are killed every day in Africa and the Middle East by Arab and Muslim governments and groups with little or no protests. (For example, on the first day of Israel’s ground attack, approximately 30 Palestinians, almost all Hamas combatants, were killed. On the same day an Islamic suicide bomber blew herself up in a mosque in Iraq, killing 40 innocent Muslims. No protests. Little media coverage.) It isn’t the nature of the killings, since Israel goes to extraordinary lengths to avoid killing civilians — if for no other reason than that it hurts its cause — while Hamas does everything in its power to force Israel to kill Palestinian civilians by firing its missiles from densely populated civilian areas and refusing to build shelters for its civilians.”

3. This war is not just an Israel-Hamas war. Nor is it an Israel-Palestine war. It’s a freedom-forced Islamic religion war (not sure how to word it). I firmly believe that Israel is fighting a war for the world. The fact that some Palestinians are anti-Israel regarding what’s going on is actually anti-Palestinian because it means they are OK with the Palestinians living surrounded by the horrors of Hamas’s terrorism. How could these people not want Israel to rid the area of these evil people? (This, I believe, is caused by the deeply entrenched hate they have towards Jews – my point number four.)

In Ottawa, Shimon Fogel, the Ottawa-based CEO of the Canada-Israel Committee, told the people at their rally that the conflict is part of a larger global struggle to protect democracy and pluralism, and he railed against recent “hate-infested” anti-Israel rallies in Ottawa and across the world. Click here for more. I’m glad that in our country’s capital they mentioned this important fact.

I just pray that Israel will fight as much as it needs to because otherwise we are all in trouble.

4. I believe this is all about anti-Semitism (or anti-Jewish) because none of it makes sense. And so I conclude that it’s all about hate and hate blinds.

I guess that shouldn’t be number four but anyway, these are my thoughts. What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on the solidarity rally for Israel in Vancouver

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  1. Dear Deena,

    You are right on many counts in your posting. Thank you for voicing what I’ve been seeing (and the media distorting) for so long. You see, I was one of those addle-brained people that thought Islam was a peaceful religion that was hi-jacked by a few nutcases….. Until I read the Q’uran, a book of Hadith, and some books on Sharia. All these together tell of the Islamists’ dream of a totalitarian form of rule. NO THANKS!!

    God Bless Israel!!!

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