She doesn’t like me

There is someone I know who doesn’t like me.

I know. You’re shocked that it’s even possible for someone not to like me but it’s true. This girl tries to avoid me, is sure to have minimal interaction with me and has made it understood that she is not interested in being friends or even friendly with me.

This is an interesting experience for me. It’s obviously not the first time. We all have people who for one reason or another don’t want to be close to us.

I suppose that, even though it hurts my feelings, I should thank her.

Thank you, dear girl, for helping me remember what it feels like when I might treat people in this way. Just as certain people don’t want to be friendly with me, there are people who I also don’t especially feel like connecting with. And on principle I do believe this is OK. We need not put ourselves in uncomfortable situations beyond a certain point.

But it’s always important to remember how our interactions with people affect those people. And I do believe that even though we by no means must befriend everyone, we still need to do our best to treat people with basic kindness, as much as we feel capable.


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