Writing about what people say to me

The other day I quoted my friend Tamara in a blog post. I actually wrote her name and then proceeded to forget to tell her about it. So last night at the Kollel she introduced herself to someone and the other woman said, “Oh, you must be the Tamara that Deena just wrote about in her blog.”

I am actually extremely careful about who I quote and how I quote them. You may have noticed that I almost never write anyone’s names in my blog. And often if I refer to a conversation I had, I’ll make the details obscure so that the person’s privacy is kept. And even more so, if someone says something to me and I feel like writing about it but in a negative way, I probably won’t do it (I think that until now I never have) and if I really want to write about that topic, I’ll just generally refer to the topic without mentioning having spoken to people about it.

The last thing I want is for people to be nervous around me, the way we we might get around reporters and psychologists. I am not blogging with the intention of hurting anyone or making anyone feel vulnerable. I said to Tamara, when she told me about the conversation she’d just had, that the only reason I wrote her name was because I had a very strong feeling that she wouldn’t mind. She said, “You’re right.”

Believe me. There is so much more I want to be writing here. But I want my blog to add goodness to the world and people’s privacy is not something worth “sacrificing” in order reach the goals of my blog. It would defeat the purpose.


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