My trip to Israel

A few people asked me if I’ll continue writing on my blog while I’m in Israel. I am firstly complimented by the question – thank you people for reading me! And my answer is that yes, of course I will do my best to continue writing even from (or especially from) the Holy Land. I do not know definitely how much I’ll be able to. I figure I’ll be busy with many intense hanging sessions with all the people I want to see while I’m there (especially my family) but I’ll try!

I am very impressed with people’s reactions when I tell them I’m going to Israel. Almost everyone I told has been very excited for me. Many people tell me how they wish they could go to Israel right now (I’ve had a few requests to take people in my suitcases).

Especially with everything going on in Israel right now, I’m touched by these reactions. The love Jews here seem to have for Israel and the understanding that it’s still OK – or even good – to visit Israel even during difficult times, is really impressive.

And so, very soon I embark on my loooooong journey to Eretz Yisrael to see my sweet little sister – she’s 9 – and, OK fine, other people too.

May we only hear good news.


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