Rain in Vancouver?!

I am obviously so into weather. First snow in Tel Aviv and now rain in Vancouver?

The front page of one of the papers in Vancouver said today, “Goodbye snow. Hello rain. Prepare for flooding.” I LOLed, even in the middle of the street (I tend to do that once in a while anyway, laugh all alone in the middle of the street). I mean, I hope you understand (for those not living closeby) that it is thrilling for it to be raining in Vancouver, finally, after weeks of snow storm after snow storm. I really think we’re experiencing history here. Not the fact that it snowed so much but the fact that Vancouverites are actually happy it’s raining!

For weeks now, I think all of us have just been praying, “Please let it rain already! I promise I’ll be good this time!” When I woke up this morning and heard the rain outside, a little, bright light shone within me. Joy of joys! It’s pouring out!

You know, no matter where I go I have seen that people love to complain about their weather. And of course in Vancouver they love to complain about how much it rains here (it really does rain quite a bit).

But now a lesson has been learned (even if our nature is not to learn lessons for too long). The law of relativity. You think rain sucks until you have weeks and weeks of snow that starts melting, then freezes again, then is covered in more snow and then just when you think it’ll end, another dumping of snow comes down… On and on and on.

Suddenly rain doesn’t seem so bad, does it? Now lets see how long it takes until Vancouverites start complaining about the rain again.


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