Laughing while walking alone down the street

Am I the only one that sometimes starts laughing while walking down the street alone? I mean, it makes sense that it happens, right? When you’re walking alone, your mind is going. You’re thinking about everything going on in your life, about things that happened, are supposed to happen… And sometimes you think of something that’s funny enough to make you laugh out loud.


Yesterday I was walking into the mall and I thought of something for which I wanted to be thankful so I sort of whispered, “Thank you Hashem.” And then suddenly in front of me I saw an aquaintance who I very much preferred to avoid (he’s a sort of sketchy man, need I say more?). But he was walking right towards me. And then I saw that he walked right by me without even noticing me (I love winter clothes).

It was interesting to me that I was just in the midst of thanking God for something and then He immediately gave me something else to thank Him for. So I did.

This made me smile. And then for some random reason suddenly I recalled a picture I am sure to look at every few months where I am absolutely bawling my eyes out at my brother’s wedding. This picture is classic. Imagine what someone looks like when they go, “Waaaaaaaaa!” That was me.

And so suddenly, there I was, walking along with a big smile on my face.

I must say that whenever I see someone else walking down the street with a humongo smile on their face, I usually think it’s a little weird. Don’t you?


2 thoughts on “Laughing while walking alone down the street

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  1. Huge whacking great smiles is what is important; I bumped into a this person on the skytrain, and just by talking with her, she started talking about her book that she was reading, I was smiling, and I guess it was contagious. (giggle)

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