I will not break part II

I think that what I wrote in my post “I will not break” is especially pertinent to relationships.

As you get older and you’ve been through more relationships, getting into a new one can be paralyzingly scary. With each interaction with a new person you might recall (consciously or subconsciously) something in a past relationship similar to this that in the end hurt you in one way or another.


But the fact is that if you really do want to meet someone, the only way to do it is by, well, meeting people. And then I recall my metaphor of walking on the ice (see “I will not break“).

Scary? Yes.
Deadly? Probably not.
Painful? Possibly.
Positive? Potentially!

Everything’s gonna be alright.
Everything’s gonna be OK.
(What’s the name of that song?)

Looks like my post has suddenly gone into poem form.

Sits by her computer
Looks through the window as the unexpected fog rolls in
Because fog always rolls
And I
Will tuck and roll
If necessary

The end of what has become maybe one of my strangest posts.


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