Trying to write

Sigh… So unproductive. I just wish I was more productive than I am. I wonder what I could do in order to become more productive. It’s so psychological, or as a friend loves to say, “It’s all in the head.” And he gives you this look like, “Come on, I know you can solve all of your problems if you only just realized that it’s all in your control.”

I actually don’t like that. I guess it feels to me like it’s belittling the actual problems or issues. I don’t know.

Anyway, tonight I wanted to write about a couple different topics here but I find that writing about other things, like everlasting love – that’s a good one! – feels wrong when our soldiers are out there fighting.


You know, I am so ridiculously strongly opinionated. I mean, seriously, it amazes me and I’m the one we’re talking about! Everything I talk about with people, boom! opinions, here they come! I’m so roar when it comes to things that I think are wrong with the world.

Like people not taking responsibility for their sidewalks during all this snow.

Like people bashing Israel for defending itself.

Like the fact that yet again I might not have work tomorrow because of the snow.

Like the fact that we don’t properly take care of our needy.

Like the fact that… well, you get the point.

Yes, I’m so roar. I meant to write that. Hmmm… Should I be holding myself back a little (or a lot) more than I do? Or is my roaring OK? As I read in a great quote today:

“Tact is the knack of making a point without making an enemy.” Isaac Newton

Alright. Enough of trying to figure myself out for one night (as if I’ll stop the moment I publish this post!).


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