This is it, baby

It’s like the movie “As good as it gets”. So often I have thoughts like, “When the snow melts, then things will be OK again.” Or, “When I finally meet the right person, then things will really be good.” Or, “If I only had a million dollars.” OK, joking about the last one. I am hopeful about the snow melting and chances are I’ll meet my soulmate, but actually own “One millions dollars”?

I digress.

In case you didn’t notice, life is happening. Life isn’t going on hold just because things don’t fit into place exactly how I think they should in order for it to be “right”. And, by the way, hate to break it to you but the same goes for everyone else. It’s not as if this time in life doesn’t count.

I think what happens is that when things aren’t going too well, experiencing that can suck energy out of us. And then we feel that we aren’t as productive as we’re capable of being. So then we think, “If only this was different in my life, imagine how producive I would be!”

But my friend’s aunt put it really well. She said that when you are going through the most difficult things in your life, and you feel like you’re at your weakest, that moment is actually when you are at your strongest because you are using so much energy to get through the difficult times.

I think it’s so important to remember a few things. First of all, we have no idea what the future holds so of course waiting for certain things to happen or change could be a terrible waste of energy. Second, even if certain circumstances don’t allow us to do things exactly how we’d want to, those circumstances are still all great opportunities to live. To grow, change, do and produce the best we can considering the external factors supposedly inhibiting us.

This week I had an amazing experience that brought that home for me. I cannot write about it here but basically something extremely difficult and hurtful happened to me. And for some reason I had the strength to say, “OK, fine. If this is how it is, then I’m going to do this.”

I took action and went out of my way to create something positive on a different front. And the positive things that came out of that, for myself and for many others, is still warming my heart and making me smile.

This did not stop the hard thing from being hard, I just want you to know. I still cried. I still felt extremely hurt and angry. But I felt blessed for having made a decision to add goodness into my life and the world. I am almost certain that without the harsh blow, I would not have taken action the way I did.

Of course I sometimes feel very down and of course I’m often not productive. But I know that we’ve got to try to live. Because all we’ve got are our moments, right?


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  1. You put it very well Deena. This morning as I reflected on this I remembered one of my many amusing “lost in translation” moments from back when I had recently immigrated to the US. I remember people sometimes saying “life is good” and I thought to myself what a beautiful concept. Sadly later I found out that what they really meant is that “everything that is happening in MY life right NOW is good” :( but I still like my original literal understanding much better. Life IS good, It is good to be alive and to experience all we experience despite all the difficulties.

  2. I just stumbled over here and have been reading though your beautifully written and insightful posts. This one reaches me so deeply. Probably because I have a handicapped mother who has been struggling her whole life to “make lemonade out of her lemon”.
    We often refer to “As good as it gets” “this is life, it’s all there is” but it can be what you make of it. And really, what doesn’t finish you off you makes you stronger and often better.

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