Is this a question?

Someone just told me that all my blog titles should be questions from now on. Pretty funny. This is because of the post Boys will be Boys? which was widely read. Hmmm… You didn’t all read it only because of the question mark, did you?

Actually, us Jews who decend (or assend might be more correct) from Eastern Europe seem to have this wonderful tradition of talking in questions. Here’s an example of how that might work:

Sheinele: How are you?
Tzimeleh: How should I be?
S: What, you can’t tell me?
T: Don’t you know? How’s a person to be when they have such tzaros (problems)?
S: Do I know? How should I know? So how’re your children?
T: My children? Now you want to know about my children?
S: Should I not want to know about your children?
T: Don’t you know I must get going?
S: Goodbye?
T: Goodbye?

OK, not too well done… You’d think I’d have done better considering just lately I got to practice this.

It all started at my work’s Chanuka party. Someone came and performed music. He also told a joke that was exactly making fun of this type of talking. You can read it here.

I found it so hilarious and I quickly told my family – by email – about this joke. We proceeded, for many days, to email each other in question form. It was hilarious, if I may say so myself. I think we’re relieved it’s over, wouldn’t you know? : )

Anyway, I like the good ol’ American way of just talking, as I am right here. And as I’m going to stop. Now.


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