Home’s so far away

As I read about our dear, dear soldiers – who are for the most part really just regular people being called up for reserve duty – I want to be in Israel. Maybe it’s easy for me to say because I “know” that where I’d be – in Jerusalem, mostly – I’d have a “safe” distance from the war going on in the south. But of course that isn’t exactly true. The whole country needs to be more alert during these times since there is a higher chance of terrorist attacks within the country.

But I’m actually happy that I have planned a trip for now. I leave in a week and a half. I planned it once this mission in Gaza had begun and I could have chosen not to go during such “turbulent” times but it did not actually cross my mind. Why wouldn’t I go now?

As someone once said to me, Israel doesn’t have wars. It’s been in one long war since 1948.

Anyway, Israel is a crazy place and I love it. It has way more positive things than people say because there are only so many hours in a day and most people like to fill that time up with negative things about Israel.

I am sick of people being so scrutinizing when it comes to Israel. The standard to which Israel is held – by Jews, Israelis and, of course, the world – would be considered totally unfair and unrealistic if it was aimed at a different country.

And, by the way, scrutinize all you want but Israel is fighting a war for the whole free world. If people don’t realize that soon then we are all, excuse my language, screwed.

Now if only I could sleep. Well, more importantly, if only we could soon hear that all our dear soldiers have arrived home safely and their loved ones can give them a hug, a cup of tea, a big, BIG meal and say, “Thank you for protecting us and thank God you’re home.”


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