Disappointment with our community

The other day I was talking to a woman who has lived in Vancouver for many, many years. She has many bitter feelings towards our Vancouver Jewish community and for some reason she decided during that conversation to voice them to me.

She said that she, as an elderly, quite home-bound, Holocaust survivor, cannot believe that there is nothing volunteer in the community to support her. She may not need financial assistance but she said that she is not the only Holocaust survivor in this city who is at home most of the time and feels pretty much totally disconnected from the community. Besides the odd call for donations, she barely hears from the community.

She is also shocked that we still do not have a Kosher soup kitchen in Vancouver.

There are organizations she has been giving money to for many years and she is disappointed by their lack of community work like visiting home-bound people and making sure our community members aren’t hungry.

It is beshert that she spoke to me about this just now since it was only a few days ago that I started talking to someone about possibly starting some kind of chesed project in Vancouver to help our community’s needy.

I hesitate to divulge information right now (until there is something to talk about, there is nothing to talk about) but please stay tuned. I truly, truly hope that extremely soon I will be able to start helping in my little way.

Shavua tov and happy 7th night of Chanuka. May we each use our potential to bring an abundance of light into the world.


3 thoughts on “Disappointment with our community

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  1. Not to long ago I was approached by a student, declaring that he had never seen a “poor” Jewish person.

    I reminded her that Jewish people like most others are never poor, helping each other out, just last night I allowed this woman to use me as a bridge when jumping off the curb; there was a big puddle and I was wearing boots.

    This women needs to be reminded where friends are, we she can connect with people and and people connect with her.

    Deena did she talk about her friends?! recent friends that she has made??

  2. I think the point is that we need to be seeking out these people much more. It’s one thing to help when you’re faced with someone who needs help (like the woman getting out of the cab) but people who are stuck in their homes need us to go out and look for them. That is our job. Or so I believe.

    She has friends.

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