Connected by age

Sometimes you feel connected to someone just by one thing. A 29-year old shot someone in the arm when they wouldn’t stop talking during a movie.

If someone shares their age with me or their birthday, name or other really quite trivial things, for me it forms a certain kinship.

And yet, that’s where the connection ends for me. He is quite obviously on a different kind of path to me and I just wonder where he’s been and where I’ve been in our 29+ years that he’s ended up where he is and I’ve ended up here.

And I’m grateful for my life.


One thought on “Connected by age

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  1. The connection by age thing is really a curious phenomena. This reminds me of an incident when I was a child and I had made a friend in school whose brother had recently died in an accident. I was relating the story to my mom after getting home from school and as soon as I mentioned that the deceast was 27 years old, my mother cut me off immediately and aske me not to continue because my brother was the same age at that time.

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