So many things to ponder

It’s 2am and I’m not yet ready to sleep because I have too many things to think about.

Tonight was the Jewish celebrations for Christmas. It is funny how sometimes we are almost defined by what we aren’t more than what we are. We do not celebrate xmas and so when someone makes a party Christmas eve for Jews, all “kinds” of Jews show up because really, almost none of us celebrate it. It also felt more like a non-something party than a celebration party because even though it’s Chanuka, one could barely feel it, besides the chocolate coins on the tables.

And so now certain things, like eating Chinese food, going to movies and having Jewish parties, if done on Christmas eve, have become in themselves Jewish traditions even though they’re rooted in a negative.

Also, just as I was desparing that there is no one new to meet in the city, I got to meet a few new people tonight. I know that Rabbi Shmulik says he believes there may be 40,000 Jews in this city – the accepted number is around 25,000 – but even if one of those numbers is right, not every Jew one meets is necessarily going to be one with whom one connects. One one one… Anyway, God just was sure to show me this evening that there are people here. Yes, people I have not met. Yes, somewhat traditional people I have not met. And so, one gains some hope of not having to move to Toronto. :)

The snow has also taken over the city. It is extremely difficult to get around, with many people working so hard and long just to get their cars out of the driveway. And with the side streets overflowing with snow, it has really become quite a nightmare.

But, of course, it’s also beautiful. And tonight, walking home from the Jew party, it was so quiet. For some reason the snow always makes things feel more quiet and peaceful to me.

Ah! Another very important thing! I have been pondering (and discussing with someone – more details to come once it becomes an actuality) starting a chesed project. Chesed, for those who aren’t sure, is losely translated as acts of kindness.

We need to take better care of our needy and we might just start doing that imminently.

Happy Christmas and a merry New Year! (Someone tonight told me he used to say that by mistake all the time.)


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