The Chanuka Torch

Tonight I was thinking that lighting Chanuka candles is like passing a torch around the world. Like a spiritual Olympic torch. Because the law is to light after sunset so all through the 24 hour cycle, for 8 whole days, there are Chanuka candles lit somewhere in the world.

Of course this is theoretical. I do wonder if it’s true in actuality (the oceans might wreck my theory).

Anyway, it’s also like the fire gets stronger and stronger. Because we light one extra candle each night so it’s like one candle goes around the world and once it makes a full circle, it becomes two and then three, four, etc. candles until the eighth day when we light eight.

There is another problem with this theory. On Shabbat we light the candles before sunset and on Saturday night only after Shabbat is out. So I think that means there are a couple of hours where – again, theoretically – no one has Chanuka candles lit.

I really wonder what the deeper significance of all this is.

I do think that every night you can try to think to yourself, “What does the Chanuka ‘torch’ symbolize to me today, on this ___ night of Chanuka?”

I know what it symbolizes for me today (the 2nd day of Chanuka). It symbolizes my neshama (soul) which, I want to believe is really beautiful and wonderful and good and I want to focus inwards, towards myself and appreciate the essence of who I am.

Have a happy Chanuka!


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