10,000 hours. 9785 left.

In an article on aish.com called “Outliers: A Jewish Perspective“, Hannah Kaufman writes about the idea that often the key to success is just putting in the time.

This is such an important idea for me. Not because I didn’t supposedly know this before. But because of the number that Malcolm Gladwell mentions in his book on this topic. (The article is about the book’s ideas from a Jewish perspective.)

The number: 10,000. 10,000 hours.

Talk about perspective.

I want to be a successful writer, whatever that means. And I figure that if I’ve put in around ten hours a week for maybe five months (this is a very unexact estimate), then I still have 9,785 hours to go.

To some this might seem desparing. To me it’s hopeful. Because it reminds me that it’s logical that I still haven’t become the most famous writer in the world. I’ve still got a few hours to go until success.

And meanwhile, I need to just keep at it.


2 thoughts on “10,000 hours. 9785 left.

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  1. Malcolm Gladwell puts the whole “practice makes perfect” point into perspective. 10,000 hours is a very daunting number but the key is to take it one day at a time.

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