Missing the bus

When I left work today, instead of going straight to my bus stop, I walked along 41st Avenue in order to put a couple of important letters in the mailbox. One was to my Bubby (grandmother) and the other, to the tax department.

As I passed one of the bus stops, my bus came by. It was a little full and I hadn’t yet mailed my letters but I was considering getting on it because I wondered, if I took the extra couple of minutes to do what I “had” to do, if then I’d have to wait “forever” until another bus came by.

I decided that these letters were important enough (guess which was more important than the other) that I chose to miss this bus even though I couldn’t tell how long it would be until the next bus would come.

Once I finally got to the bus stop after mailing the letters, the bus came almost immediately. And it was almost empty.

Ah, I thought. I did what I felt like I needed to do and in the end, it worked out fine. The bus came and it was even better than the first one I thought of taking. The first one which I was compelled to take because I was worried another one would never come along.

Same too with life. We need to do what we need to do. We cannot fight reality. And then another bus always comes. Or if we were supposed to catch the first one, then when it’s the right time, that same bus will come by again and this time we’ll be ready to get on it.


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  1. Your story reminded me of an incident, many years ago, in Jerusalem. I needed to get a bus that doesn’t come frequently. I ran and ran…and missed the bus. I was so upset and frustrated and apparantly I was showing my emotions, because all of a sudden an older woman came to me, placed her hand on my shoulder, smiled and said “don’t get so upset. It’s only a bus. Buses, like men, come and go but there will always be another one to follow.” There is a lot of wisdome in the world, the trick is to be open to it and to incorporate it into your life. Thanks for your story. One needs to remind oneself once in a while that everything in the world has their time and place.

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