What will solve the world’s problems?

I find it amusing that people often think that the thing that they’re most passionate about (whether it’s economics or arts) is what can really save the world.

The economist says that if we focus on everything from a money perspective then everything will be better. For example, if Israel doesn’t have enough water, then the water prices should go up. Pretty much, money talks.

The artist will feel (yes, feel) that because art transends all, art will be able to connect everyone in a wonderful, happy harmony.

Maybe this is a good way to measure what thing in this world you believe in most.

So, what’s my thing?

I believe that everything starts in the home. For me it’s relationships that will change the world. If we can help people foster healthier, happier relationships at home then they will be able to go out into the world and make the world a better home for all.

I have to think of an example I’m willing to share here… But I can tell you that from what I see, the families that are building beautiful relationships at home, are, from what I can tell, going out and making a beautiful difference in the world.

As my Bubby (grandmother) always says (paraphrased), “If only people put as much effort into their relationships as they do into their jobs, then the world would be a much better place.”

I agree a billion percent


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