How to deal with supposed competition is a real challenge. Do I embrace my competitor, work with them, avoid them, fight against them or tear them down?

The other day someone asked me for help. It was in connection to writing and my instinct was to help them. More than anything I wanted to do whatever I could to help this person.

But another side of me said, “Wait. But this is your competition and if you help them then it might very well be detrimental to yourself.”

I called my sister to ask her for advice on this. She gave me, truthfully, the exact answer that I wanted. And she gave me a lot of insight into the whole competitor issue.

She said that it is actually helpful to you to help your competitor. The person who is your competitor is not necessarily actually that. If each of you offers writing, for example, even article writing, even the same type of article writing, you still are different. Your female, he’s male. You’re a young adult, he’s already older. You’re more conservative and religious and he’s more liberal. You have one style of writing. He has another.

The list goes on. But working with competitors will probably enhance rather than crush.

This is the same for everything, I believe. In relationships, supporting other girls in their struggles is mutually beneficial. If you’re a rabbi, supporting other rabbis who are doing similar work to you will enhance your work. It will be attractive to potential “clients” and will help with your ultimate goals.

This is the way that I see it. But it is making it sound selfish so a few more words.

Helping people is not about personal gain. It is about helping others. But you must look out for yourself so in cases like helping your competitor, asking how that affects you, I think, is a very legitimate question.

It is a legitimate question. It is not why you should help the people in the end.

After speaking to my sister, for example, I whole-heartedely helped the person who’d come to me for help. I was so happy to help this person in whatever way I could. And I felt confident that I was not hurting myself.

Maybe we could stop calling each other competitors and instead use the term collegues.

Because collegues we help, right?


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