Mumbai’s horror distracts me

No, this is not about me. So many people being murdered, injured and still some being held hostage is definitely not about me.

But I can’t concentrate on anything else. There isn’t much I’m capable of doing right now. I should be working on a story for the Jewish Independent about Chanuka presents. I feel totally silly even thinking about such a thing right now.

When will this be over?

I keep thinking of an article sent to me a few weeks ago called “Why the peaceful majority is irrelevant“. This article feels so relevant right now.

I pray that everyone will live, especially as Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg’s 18-month old son is waiting for them outside.

The Chabad rabbi of White Rock, BC, Rabbi Falik Schtroks, asked for people to pray (make verbal requests to God) and specifically he recommended Psalm number 20.

Hoping to hear good news soon.



One thought on “Mumbai’s horror distracts me

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  1. Yes, I lit Shabbat candles tonight and wept like a baby. Even though I light every Friday, Simie Schtroks called pre Shabbos and said that the mother of the slain Chabad Rabbi, wanted women everywhere to light candles tonight. I lit, and I wept, asking Hashem to stop the senseless against Jews around the world.

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