The highlight of Vancouver’s Jewish Book Festival

I am so lucky. I am now working at L’Chaim which is an adult day centre located in the JCC. Ah, the beauty of working in the centre of a Jewish community. Truthfully I find it quite exciting. Firstly, I get to say hello to around five people every time I venture out into the atrium (the heart of the building). This makes me feel wonderful because it is proof that after just over two years of living here, I am really part of the community.

The other plus to working there is that I get to feel the energy of whatever is going on, even if I’m not attending.

And this week is the Cherie Smith JCCGB Jewish Book Festival. It is a sort of an artsy-fartsy week for writing. And it is so much fun!

Truth be told, I had the opportunity to hear two speakers, neither of whom did I especially connect to. But the first one gave me fuel for my latest blog post (thank you, dear woman) and the second one was really lovely and caring. I really cannot say anything bad about the second woman because she was so down-to-earth and energetic.

Anyway, but the most fun part this week has been the book sale! For days we get to just peruse through hundreds and hundreds of mostly used and plenty of new books – mostly Jewish-related – and either purchase or dream of purchasing (when certain someones will have a bissel more mula) so many of them.

And the most fun part of the most fun part started today and continues till tomorrow. The festival received way too many books and so they are selling the used ones for $1 a bag! Don’t miss out! Tomorrow, Thursday, is the last day of the festival. After that, they will be donating the remainders to charities.



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