The strength of the family

My grandmother won’t say exactly how many grandkids she has. But lets just say there’s more than a few. And all of our problems are her problems. So, if each of us has 10 problems, then she has her own problems plus 10 multiplied by a not too shabby number.

I don’t know how she does it. She speaks to each of us and each of us shares a chosen amount of information with her. What happened during the week, the latest updates since the last time we spoke. Got the job, didn’t get the job. Moving or not. Relationships – in them or out of them or looking for them. And there she is, sitting in her comfy, homey condo in Toronto (at least it’s comfy – she definitely deserves it) listening to all of us.

And believe me, she listens all right. And she thinks about each issue. Most interestingly, she often comes up with a strategy to help combat the issue.

I’m not in a relationship? Say tehillim. She even gives me one as a present. And sign up to jdate. She even pulls out an article she saved from two years ago about how going online is a good way to try to meet your beshert (soulmate).

I applied to a certain job? Write them an extra email to show your excitement about the position.

I need more work? She tells me of a certain paper that could probably use my writing.

But truthfully, her advice is often (if not always) right on the mark. She is a wise woman who has been through a lot and though she is a person who feels very, very deeply, she is able to think very level-headedly about all her problems (AKA her grandchildrens’ problems) and give us solutions that are always worth at least considering seriously.

What a woman. Good job, Bubby.


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