I just can’t write

Ah! It’s driving me crazy. Every time I have an idea for an article, I start writing and then I get stuck. And my new problem is not that I stop having what to write about but that my idea starts getting more and more complex and I have more and more things I want to try to express in the article, that it sort of loses itself.

It makes me realize that maybe I’m a blog-writer at heart. And then it also makes me think that maybe blogging is lazy writing. Sorry bloggers! Just a thought. I mean, how much easier is it to write a blog post than to write an article? The post is written in pretty casual language. It doesn’t necessarily have to have an exactly beginning middle and end. It can be short. Actually, for the most part it should be short.

But I must figure out this article writing because I have all these ideas that I think are article worthy. Not that I am against blogging. But I want someone to give me $$$$ for my writing and right now, that aint happenin’ through bloggin’… right…

OK, must figure this out.

P.S. And there you go. I have a blog post in I dunno, 3 minutes? Sheesh.


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