To love or hate life

With some exceptions, we often love life when things are going “right” and dislike it – or even hate it – when they’re going “wrong”.

But isn’t it the same thing that I’m loving or hating? It would be like loving a person one moment and hating them the next. How is that fair? The person is a complete entity. They sometimes do things that jive with us and make us feel good and other times do things that are the opposite. Whatever they do, they’re still the same person.

And whatever life “does”, it is still the same life. Is it a gift from God? A curse? Is it wonderful? Horrible? A mix? Or maybe, or probably, we can’t really know what it is. It’s a thing that we seem to own – or at least have on lone – for a short amount of time. We might have a certain amount of control over things. We might “succeed” in certain ways. But in the end it is quite a mystery what it actually is.

The fact that our feelings about life or people change, sometimes quite drastically, depending on what happens, shows that the feelings are based on very subjective data.

The person did what you wanted them to do, you have strong positive feelings about them. They did something not so nice, you don’t really like them anymore. They suddenly surprise you and do exactly what would make you happy, and it does. It makes you happy about having that person in your life.

One moment life is giving you a wonderful place to live, good people around you, a feeling of fulfillment through your job, a healthy relationship with a spouse – ah! Life is so good!

Boom, God forbid, something terrible happens. Oh how life sucks.

Or does it? Was it really good when it was good? Is it really bad when it’s bad?

Well, don’t ask me. I dunno.


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