How do I give respect?

I just read a really important article at by Sara Yoheved Rigler. One of the things she talks about there is respect. She asks the question, how does one give respect to another person? She writes:

How does one actually honor other people? The key is to validate their reality. Usually our own reality is so intrinsic to us that we dismiss other people’s reality as insignificant, flawed, or warped. To take a step back and allow another’s reality to prevail permits the other to feel his/her own importance. This is the essence of giving honor.”

Oh, it is so hard to do that! I usually feel the need to believe that my “reality” is the most real. You need a ton of confidence to be able to honestly validate someone else’s reality.

Oh, if only I could really do that.

By the way, doing this doesn’t only make you respect other people, it also helps you live a much calmer existence, not one where you’re constantly feeling the need to fight for your “reality”.


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  1. thanks for the advice and I will definantly try it because my mom told me to look it up so I just needed to know how to give someone respect?


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