They never do much else besides not much

old-men-on-bench.jpgWhere I sit, aka, where my computer is, looks out a really big window in the Northern direction. So yes, I do get to see a bit of the mountains in the distance. (The link is a beautiful picture of the mountains though not exactly as they’re viewed from Vancouver, BC.)

Anyway, what I’m trying to get at is that I look into the back alley of my street and into the back of many people’s homes. One such home belongs to a middle-aged/older couple. They must be in their 60s. They come across as very retired. There is a little dog that mostly the woman carries around though sometimes the man does too.

But I just don’t understand what they do all day. What triggered this post is that when I sat down just now, he was sweeping water off their (large) balcony. And he so often seems to be doing things of that sort.

Is this a person’s goal in life? To be retired and have enough time (and money, I guess) to be able to do, well, really nothing much at all?

Wow. He is so complying. He just came out with a large glass of cold beer and a newspaper.

Please believe me. I’m all for a large beer and a paper but it just seems like they never do much else besides nothing much.

Am I overly critical? Am I just jealous? Is that what I’m going to choose to do in 40 years?


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