Epiphanies gone in a flash

How often do you think, “Aha! This is soooo important and really something I want to remember and implement and think about at least three times a day,” and then *poof*, it’s out of your head and you’re lucky if you even remember that there was something really important. You very possibly won’t even remember there was anything to begin with.

Last night I was talking about certain things about myself I want to change. Very, very important things. I have no idea what they were.

Today I spoke to another friend and we discussed something REALLY REALLY important. It was an epiphany. It is something I MUST work on. It is something I so badly want to change about myself. The idea of it changing is extremely exciting.

But will I remember it 2 days from now? Or later on today?

This one feels so big I can’t imagine forgetting it but what a joke! I really might. So what are we supposed to do so that we can really internalize things so we don’t lose them?

When I have the push, I try to write in my sort of journal-diary on the computer. I don’t necessarily ever read it but at least it’s written. What else can we do? Is a fleeting epiphany worth anything?


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