This is not to toot my own horn

My brother’s wedding was last week. I got a skirt made. Today I called the dressmaker to let her know that the skirt, in the end, was so beautiful and I just loved it. I told her that I got a lot of compliments on it too.

She was so touched and happy. She said that I made her day, and today is Monday. Her mother tongue is not English and so she apologized that she could not express herself well enough to me. But it was easy to tell that she was deeply touched by the call.

And, I feel AMAZING!!! Doing something that made someone feel so good made me feel so good. Like, SO good.

So often the things that are really easy and simple for us to do are really big and important for the other person. So easy to make the call and meant so much to the dressmaker.

How often are the small things really the big things?


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