You don’t know what you should be grateful for

My roommate today asked me what seemed like the silliest question. She said, “Aren’t you grateful that…?” I’m sorry, I can’t actually tell you what she was asking me about. It had to do with a certain challenge that exists living with her. But it was hilarious because she took this idiosyncrasy of hers and pointed out how it could be way more extreme than it already is.

I laughed and said, “Wow. You never really know what you should be grateful for.” And then I realized how smart that comment is.

Today I’m stressed out of my mind (as already mentioned in my last posting). So many things are upsetting me today. But suddenly, when I said that to my roommate, I was able to gain a certain amount of perspective. Specifically:

  1. Most of the things I’m stressed about are generally good things. Thank God.
  2. I can think of so many things for which I’m grateful.
  3. There are so many things I’m not even acknowledging for which I should be grateful. In other words, I’m even more blessed than I realize. For example, I don’t constantly feel grateful about things like being able to pee normally (what a blessing!), breathe subconsciously, etc., etc.

Now lets see how long I’m able to keep those thoughts for.
Oh! They’re gone. : ) I’m not totally joking. It’s so hard to keep a good attitude. But at least I can try!


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