JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Nike’s motto always makes me think. Is it the most genius motto I’ve ever heard or is it simplistic, inhuman and unfair?

If used in the wrong context, it can be a very unfair thing to say. It could be undermining the complexity of some of life’s decisions.

But other times, it is exactly what’s needed. When there is something I might want to do, my intellect often takes over by pointing out all the possible flaws of the idea and my emotions drown me in worry and fear. So often I think and feel too much. All these thoughts and emotions bog me down and make it difficult for me to function.

I have been told by a few people who I respect very much for the self-work they’ve done over the years, that often you literally have to, “Just Do It”. One friend told me that she says to herself, “What’s the worst that could happen?” She answers that question, realizes it’s not that bad, and then pushes herself to act.

Another friend told me he puts things in perspective by thinking of something that worried him in the past and now he looks back at it and sees it wasn’t such a big deal.

Bottom line, I do believe that often the most important thing is to “Just Do It”.

P.S. And now I’m going to go watch movies and eat ice cream all day. : )


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