Did headstand (actually fell over!), feel better

Last night a friend performed for me by doing a headstand in the middle of the room.

Now, in the comfort of my own bedroom, I thought, “I want to try that.” When I used to do yoga, I practiced headstands on a regular basis. So I was curious to see how my headstand would be after not doing yoga for over a year.

I went up next to a wall. It was a little narrow but I decided it would be OK. I got into position and started trying to push myself up. Quickly I needed to stop because my legs started cramping in a couple of places. “Oy. So out of shape,” I thought.

Then I tried again. This time I kicked up harder, got up, and immediately felt myself slipping past the too-narrow wall. My foot, leg and back slid by the wall’s corner as I fell to the (thank God) carpeted floor.

I quickly picked myself up to sitting position on the floor. I felt frazzled and surprised. I felt the places on my body that had scraped by the wall. I felt a little dumb.

But, I didn’t feel as dumb and I’d imagine. And I’m not that hurt. And my heart wasn’t beating crazily, as I’d have guessed if I’d imagined this happening.

And, most importantly, I felt emotionally better! Right before the headstand I was worring about a bunch of things. I was actually writing in my journal on the computer.

But after the headstand? My mind is just feeling clearer. It’s like I distracted myself. I reminded myself that there is, in fact, life outside of my current worries.

Exercising is known to help relieve stress. This was just the strangest fluke experiment that proved that idea to me. I know, it doesn’t exactly seem like the full body and cardio workout but it was physical, obviously challenging and so it forced my mind to go to a different place.


3 thoughts on “Did headstand (actually fell over!), feel better

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  1. Dee, it shows you that it’s always worth trying. There is a very important message to all of this. It’s better to try and fall on your head that not to try at all!

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