I almost always forget the less fortunate

I’m sad to say that I almost never remember those less fortunate than myself. Today I read two things that triggered feelings of regret about this.

  1. I misread a quote at http://www.aish.com about the Missing in Action soldiers of Israel. I thought it said, “The moment we forget Gilad, Eldad, and Udi, we’re lost.” In fact it says, “The moment we forget Gilad, Eldad and Udi, they’re lost.” (Click here for the full article.) I believe that both ways of reading this are true. The less obvious one, that we are lost, is true because what are we if we don’t try to be caring and compassionate people? What is our worth if we just go about our lives without working on ourselves to remember the less fortunate and do our best to help them?
  2. My Uncle Avrum Rosensweig, the Co-Director of VeAhavta, sent out a note to his facebook group in honour of Canada Day long weekend saying:

“THERE IS much work to do in the area of tikun olam – repairing the world. I say this as I look outside at the beautiful sky and watch Torontonians as they enjoy the benefits of our freedom. I can’t help but think about the books I am reading and the news I peruse regarding those who are suffering so greatly in places like Israel, Sudan and China. Even on the sunniest days, we must be aware at some point, that we are blessed not to have to protect ourselves from an immediate enemy or the hardships of war and famine. Take a moment during this long weekend and mediatate on the men, women and children who are relying on our ability to help; our freedom to do so– and then act! Have a beautiful holiday.
“- Avrum”

I wrote back to Avrum saying that I was sad to think about the fact that I barely thought of those (much) less fortunate than myself. I said that I found it difficult to figure out a way to think about them on a regular basis. Avrum said, “put up a note where you can see it everyday; perhaps on your mirror or on your fridge.”

Lately I walk through the streets of Vancouver feeling so blessed to live in such a beautiful city, to not be hungry and to have such amazing, supportive people in my life. Now lets see if I’m able to start remembering the less fortunate than myself more often.

Have a great holiday.



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