Figuring out your perfect schedule

In Stephen King’s book, “On Writing”, he writes about his daily schedule. When he works, eats, exercises…

When you decide to work on your own, you are no longer given your working hours and then you have to figure out for yourself what the best working schedule is.

There are a few things I’ve figured out but I feel like I’m still far from figuring it all out.

I know that getting to work immediately upon awakening is good for me. Work a couple of hours and then go to eat breakfast, maybe take a shower and get dressed…

One second! Dressed?! But what about staying in PJs all day?!

Truthfully, I am finding myself staying in my pyjamas on many days. But I see that I usually need to get dressed and out for at least a short while every day. But yes, I am quite content staying in my pyjamas for many hours of the day. For example, right now it is 4:20pm, I have even taken a shower already today, and yet, I am in my PJs. (For those interested, today I even did the unheard of act of showering and getting straight back in my pyjamas.)

OK, now that that’s cleared up… So, the beginning of the day is probably the only part that I’ve sort of figured out. The rest of the day, I just don’t know. I am finding that I waste a lot of time. I hate that I’m wasting so much time. I also find that I am barely exercising, another thing that makes me unhappy.

All in all this is a very challenging experience. I wonder how long it takes people to find a schedule at home that is as efficient and healthy (same thing) as possible.


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