Natural time-line

You can’t work faster than you can work. You can’t work more hours than you can work. Rushing things will inevitably slow them down.

I am so stressed! Why do things in life work so slowly? And then I feel like I’m not doing anything because what do I have to show for my hours of work?

And, the worst is that when I feel aggravated at the slow “natural time-line”, I stop working altogether and just procrastinate.

Such is life. Sunset (at least in most parts of the world) is gradual. You can’t even see the actual change. A flower blooming is the same. Suddenly the sky is dark or the flower is opened but the process itself was too slow to be able to discern within the regular speed of things.

I feel so stressed by time, lack of time and the amount of things I really want to be getting done.


P.S. I hope that ending posts with “oy” doesn’t become a trend for me!


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