Time changes with age

When I was a kid and my mom said, “We’ll go to the park in an hour,” that seemed simply like an eternity.

And forget about weeks! Holocaust Remembrance Day and the State of Israel Independence Day are 1 week apart. I remember, as I got older, realizing this and being surprised! I never noticed that they are so “close” together because to me, that was a long time!

Now, my weeks are absolutely tiny! Hours often fly by and there is no realistic way to do everything I want to do in the amount of time I’m given in a day.

For some, I wonder if the opposite holds true. Did days seem short as a child and now you just wait for the days to end and lead into the weekend? Do weekdays crawl and weekend days fly?

Time definitely flies when you’re having fun. So level of enjoyment is probably a strong factor in how long time feels. But age is also a factor, and an interesting one, too.

On a spiritual note, I wonder how this time relativity helps us in life…


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