Quitters are winners

When people talk about quitting, and usually it is about the fact that quitting is “bad”, I say that some of the best decisions I’ve made in my life have been quitting things.

Now, Andy Wibbels wrote about a similar idea here.

I think it’s a waste of time and energy to continue something for the soul reason of having started it! Each time you question if you should continue something or not, you have to seriously consider the pros and cons of each decision.

I dropped out of a Yeshiva where I was learning because I was really not enjoying it. It was such a hard decision because I felt like such a “quitter” but the moment I finally left, I was overcome with a feeling of a ton of weight being lifted off my shoulders.

Another example is when I finally decided to quit my job as a dietitian. It was so scary (after putting so much time and effort into the profession) but I just knew I must look for something else. I cannot work in a field I’m not happy with, my whole life!

If you stick to something for the wrong reasons, I believe you’re not letting yourself truly fill your potential and role in this world.

I totally understand that sometimes people feel that they truly cannot “just quit”. This especially holds true for people with responsibilities towards others, besides themselves. But I do think it’s important to ask yourself, is it true that I cannot quit or is it that other things are stopping me, like fear or unfair pressure from others?

Good luck with these decisions. They are never, ever easy.


P.S. I hold no responsibility for any quitting decisions you make! : )


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