Writing constipation

Sometimes I feel like I have writing constipation. I spend so much time just trying to figure out, what the hell do I want to say and how do I say it well?

And then I look at what I wrote and I think, “Eh.” And then I just don’t know what to do! Stephen King writes in his book, “On Writing” about different types of writers. I guess I’m the type that sometimes/often just needs to try really hard to get out what I want, how I want.

But especially if you’re going to write articles, isn’t it important to know how to write pretty quickly? The problem is you can’t write more quickly than you can write. You can try to make your environment as conducive to creativity as possible but that’s about all you can do. Actually, except working on your inner environment. Trying to figure out if there are blocks and if so, what they are.



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