My Writing… Here Goes!

It’s a little scary starting to post things you’ve written. As I wrote in this past post, it feels like a big decision to share your writing because then, that’s it. You’re out there and you can just hope that things are taken the “right” way.

So, in order to make light of this moment, I am going to start by posting a genre of writing which is not my forte and which I have only slightly pursued a couple of times, last time being as part of a wonderful creative writing course at UBC, given by Paul Belserene.

And what genre might that be? Why poetry, of course! Paul taught us a bit about haikus and then sent us out into the world to write many of them. Here are a couple of mine:

(Please note, he instructed us to pay little attention to number of sylables.)

In the far distance

the wave crashes

lonely to the sea


I sit

Wind blowing on my face

Thoughts rushing my mind


More, better writing to come!



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