Bio issues

It’s tough… There are certain times in your life when you know that the conventional bio just won’t suit you. Well, that is unless you want to sound like an irresponsible weirdo! : ) My bio used to be so simple. I was trained as a dietitian and worked as a dietitian and after a while I even had experience as a dietitian! Here is what I wrote at one point:

“Deena Levenstein is a licensed nutritionist working in Kupat Cholim. She also runs a private practice in Jerusalem.”

Wow! So boring! Earlier in my writing career (these quotes are all from the approximately monthly food and nutrition column I wrote for around 4 years) I wrote this:

“Deena Levenstein is a Nutritionist with a B.Sc.Nutr. from The Hebrew University. She has begun working in Jerusalem. As she ventures on her new career, she looks forward to helping people live happy, healthy and productive lives.”

Kitchy. But at least it’s a bit more interesting!

OK, so for an article I’m having published this week, I was asked to write a bio. Oy! I could not figure out how to make myself seem “OK” to the conventional. Here is my 1st draft:

“Deena Levenstein, 28 years old, moved to Vancouver in September 2006. A qualified dietitian in Israel, she is currently testing out the theory, “Whenever we do something that fills us with enthusiasm, we are following our [personal] legend.” (Introduction from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.) She is bravely pursuing things that excite her like writing and on-line community building.”

I know there are some no-no’s in this bio. You’re supposed to focus on the experience you have and I’m not at all. And who ever heard of quoting like that? But I crave to be real!

I am curious what the editor is going to think of the bio I just sent her!Deena


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