How sad that you have to be in an unhealthy state in order to be considered good-looking

Someone told me that when his friend broke up with her boyfriend, she was so devastated that she could hardly eat for quite a while. So what did she say?

“I may be miserable but at least I look damn good!”

How sad. That the body type that is considered good-looking right now, is one that many people would have to starve themselves and get to an extremely unhealthy state in order to get to and keep.


Do you think I’m too thin?

I was just asked by someone if I think they are too thin… That is an extremely difficult, almost impossible, question to answer. The reason being that each person has a body weight at which they are healthiest and it is hard to know what weight that is for each person.

So here is my answer:
If you can eat healthily, amounts that feel right to you (you aren’t starving or stuffing yourself) and foods that are healthy and feel healthy to you, and you stay at the weight you are at now, then I think you are at a healthy weight.

But, if by eating healthily you gain weight, then I would say you were not at a healthy weight and you will be healthier by gaining some weight.

So, if you have to cut out healthy foods from your diet and/or exercise in excessive amounts, there is something wrong.

What to if you realize that is true about yourself is a whole other story. What brings a person to eat unhealthily is complex and deep.

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