Eating Out

Surprisingly enough, your stomach does not suddenly grow when you go to a restaurant. Nor does your metabolism speed up. This means… you need not eat more at a restaurant than you do at home. So, picture what your plate would look like if you were at home and figure out a way to eat only that amount at the restaurant.

The problem is that most people have a hard time eating only what they need when, in fact, they have much more than they need right in front of them. So, you might want to ask the waitor to immediately put half the dish in a container to take home, before you’ve even started eating!

Always try to remember what it is you really want. Is it to enjoy a certain food for a few seconds or to live and long, happy, vibrant life until 120?


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  1. Deena,Thanks for the info about Tel Stone.Are you a vegan nperhaps, yourself? I am, and have been so for about ten years now.I could not access your recipes on your website, so would ask you to look into that, and ask you if you have any Pesach ideas for an Ashkenazi.I shall be in Jerusalem tomorrow, first in Tel Stone, then in Ramot, then I am free. Since becoming a pensioner, I am suffering from middle-age-spread. Do minimum exercise, eat whole meal all the way etc. Do you have any ideas?Thanks,Israel

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